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Located in the heart of Bresse Bourguignonne, surrounded by the Seille, Solnan and Vallière, Louhans-Châteaurenaud has an exceptional gastronomic, architectural and historical heritage.
marché du Lundi
If there was a ceremony of the OSCARS DES MARCHES de France, that of LOUHANS would impose his name on the winners and this for many reasons.

As such, LOUHANS and its market have received a name:

- "REMARKABLE SITE OF TASTE" awarded by the National Council of Culinary Arts (105 sites only in France including 3 in Saone et Loire),
This is already at least a good reason to step on a Monday morning, early in the morning, in this market that will surely seduce you
Louhans is also honored to have one of the most beautiful hotels-Dieu of France, an architectural complex of great purity, unrevised since its reconstruction in the second half of the eighteenth century. It houses a unique apothecary, with a prestigious collection of pots, goats, and albarelli Spanish and Italian Moorish faience of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
Ecomusée de la Bresse Bourguignone
An ecomuseum is a cultural institution whose purpose is to study, protect and enhance all the natural and cultural heritage of a territory, with the help and participation of the population.
Abbaye Saint Philibert Tournus
A world-famous masterpiece of Romanesque art, Saint-Philibert abbey welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.
Ballades & Randonées
La ville de Louhans-Châteaurenaud vous propose trois balades pour découvrir ses trésors !
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